Use the right writing implement.

Write neatly and use all the space given to you.

Come on.

examples of good and bad handwriting. if you're hearing this, well, that doesn't really apply to you, does it? WINK

Answer at the right level of abstraction.

If I ask an abstract question, do not give me details. If I ask a detailed question, do not give me big ideas.

Write less.

These are not essay questions. I am not grading you on grammar and spelling. There is no word count to hit.

If the question were: name and describe three ways we can annoy a cat, this is a CORRECT BUT REALLY ANNOYING ANSWER TO GRADE:

There are three ways we can annoy a cat. The first way to annoy a cat would be to put a sticker on its paw. I would buy a banana sticker and peel it off and lift the cat’s paw and stick the sticker on it. Then I would record it with my phone and post it on instagram. The second way to annoy a cat would be to poke its tummy. If you poke a cat’s tummy, it will get upset and try to scratch you. This can hurt and lead to infection, so you should wear a glove while doing this. If your hand gets infected, you should cut it off. The last way to annoy a cat is to pick it up and make smoochy sounds right against its nose. Purse your lips and go “smooch smooch” and the cat will try to push away from you. The louder you do it, the better. It’s pretty hilarious.


  1. Put a sticker on its paw. Use a weak sticker so it won’t pull any fur out.
  2. Poke its tummy. Wear a glove to protect yourself, because cats have sharp parts.
  3. Pick it up and smooch its nose. Be loud and obnoxious about it.