Why not Zoom? It runs like garbage on every computer I have, and I have serious questions about its privacy.

Due to Reasons, lectures are now done online. I am using Canvas’s Big Blue Button conferences to deliver lectures.

Disclaimer about participation and recordings

According to university policy, I must make you aware of the following:

How to use it

a view of the links on the left side of Canvas, with Conferences highlighted.

When I start lecture, you should get an email notification with a link you can click.

Or, go to the Canvas page for this class. On the left, you will see a BigBlueButton (Conferences) link. Click that.

There, you will see any active conferences which you can join, as well as concluded conferences which you can watch.

Watching recordings

After class ends, it takes a random amount of time for the server to process the video (usually somewhere between 10 minutes and 12 hours). When that happens, the recording will appear in the “concluded conferences” section. Click the arrow by the class you want to watch, and then click the “watch” link.

However, because the university does not have a full license, the recordings will disappear after two weeks. Depending on how long we will be doing class remotely, I may also rehost the videos privately on YouTube. You’ll get announcements about that and they’ll be linked from the Materials page. (You won’t be able to see my face or the text chat in the YouTube rehosts, however.)