Due to Reasons, lectures are now done online. I am using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to deliver and record the lectures.

How to use it

I have gotten reports that this doesn’t work right in Opera and Brave. Try Firefox instead.

Go to the Courseweb for this class. On the left, you will now see a Collaborate link. Click that.

a view of the links on the left side of Courseweb, with Collaborate highlighted.

In that window, you will see a folder named “Lecture.” Click it, and you will see a number of “sessions” inside, one for each lecture.

just what I said.

15 minutes before lecture begins, the session will become “open.” Click the lecture, and click “Join.” That’s it!

Disclaimer about participation and recordings

According to university policy, I must make you aware of the following:

Watching recordings

Unfortunately I don’t know what timezones everyone is in, and for any number of reasons you may not be able to “attend” the live lecture. Fortunately, they are also recorded and available in Collaborate.

Click the hamburger menu, and click “Recordings” on the left. There you can see a list of recordings. Just watch whatever you want.

just what I said.