Discord has some really nice advantages over email:

Use your computer

Asking programming questions on your phone is not easy. If you’re at your computer, either log in to discord.gg or download the Discord program for your operating system.

Formatting text

the key to the left of the 1, above tab

Below, the ` character is not a single quote. It’s called a backtick, and it’s this key to the left of 1, above tab.

When you’re typing, you can use Markdown to add text formatting.

Here is a link to Discord’s documentation on Markdown. But the basics:

Type this… …to get this
*interesting* or _interesting_ interesting
**wow!!** wow!!
`monospace` monospace
~~ignore me~~ ignore me
||snape kills dumbledore|| spoiler!

Formatting code

When sending code, do not surround it with single backticks. Use triple backticks instead. (Discord is smart and will switch into a mode where you can hit enter to type newlines in the text box.)

You can put the name of the language after the opening ```. No space between the ``` and the language name. For example, if I type:

    li a0, 12345
    li v0, 1

It will show up like:

    li a0, 12345
    li v0, 1

This works for ```java, ```c, ```mips, ```python and many others.

Do NOT take screenshots with your phone

Please, please, please don’t do it. Learn to do it on your computer:

Sending files

If I ask you to DM me your code or whatever, open a DM with me, and just drag the file into the window.

About my server

Ground rules:

The channels: