Your task

This is a very small assignment to get you accustomed to writing HTML, CSS, and JS, and to practice using git.

This is a pretty open-ended assignment. We’re not really looking for a particular set of features. We just want you to play around and get more comfortable with this stuff. Have fun with it!

  1. if you don’t have one, create an account on GitHub.
    • if you already have an account, you don’t need to make a new one.
  2. you should have received a GitHub invitation link in your email. click it!
    • now you should have access to your proj1 repo.
  3. git clone it to your computer.
    • if you don’t have git installed, GitHub has tutorials for that.
  4. edit the index.html and style.css files to make a simple page introducing yourself (see below).
  5. edit the script.js file to add some interactivity (see below).
  6. while you work, try out staging your changed files (git add) and committing them (git commit -m "message").
    • if you add a new file (like an image or something), don’t forget to git add it!
  7. when you’re happy with your site (or when you’re sad but done):
    1. update the README.txt to include your name and username and any information you think will be useful to the grader; and then
    2. git push origin master to submit it.

You can also use git push origin master at any time to ensure that there’s a safe copy of your project on the GitHub servers, or to transfer your code between computers (by pushing it from one and pulling it on the other).



Make your page at least a screen or two of information about yourself. Talk about your CS interests, hobbies, plans for the future, pets, whatever. Nothing edgy or political, please. Enough of that on the internet already. Good lord.

Your CSS

You should have several rules - the page should not look like the default appearance at all. But try to make something that looks nice-ish. No 1997 GeoCities pages please.

Your JS

This assignment isn’t really about JS, but just to dip your toes in the water…

Submission and Grading

Project submissions will only be accepted through GitHub. If you are having trouble using git, please get in touch sooner rather than at 11:58 PM on the due date.

The project is due at midnight on the due date, but there is some wiggle room there. (We can see the time that you pushed to GitHub.)

You can turn it in for late credit until midnight on the day after the due date. You’ll get 10% off your grade.

Grading rubric: