Lecture Recordings (hosted on YouTube)

You can speed up the video playback… listening to myself at 1x speed is agonizing lmao


Right-click and save the links, or open the links in your browser and use “View Page Source” or equivalent, or the inspector!

1_floats.html Floating and clearing basics.
2_flex1.html Simple flexbox layout example.
3_flex2.html Showing some more complex flexbox stuff.
4_mediaqueries.html Contrived media query examples to show what's going on.
1_hello_world.html alert and document.write.
2_vars_types.html typeof, variables, and equality.
3_functions.html How functions, arguments, and some other things work.
4_arrays.html Arrays and array methods.
5_objects.html Objects, properties, and methods.
6_constructors_protos.html Object constructors and prototypes.
10_fp_sorting.html Showing some FP techniques in the context of sorting an array.
11_localstorage.html Storing data client-side.
12_sessionstorage.html Demonstrates session storage. Download the next file too.
12_sessionstorage2.html Demonstrates session storage. Download the previous file too.
7_dom_basics.html Selecting elements and changing their properties.
8_dom_events.html Showing off a number of common events.
9_capturevsbubble.html Two different event listener calling orders, and canceling bubbling.
1_classes.py Basic OOP, inheritance, virtual methods.
2_decorators.py Using a simple decorator on a function.
3_generators.py Using yield to make a generator function.
fl1_hello.py The simplest "hello world" server possible.
fl2_hello_foo.py A slightly larger example with multiple routes.
fl3_form.py Receiving form data from the client with POST.
fl4_login.py A very simplistic kind of logging in.
fl5_model.py Using SQLAlchemy models.
fl6_templates.zip Jinja templating.
fl7_smilr.zip The dumb "web app" I made in class in lecture 18!
fl8_ajax.py Doing AJAX using XMLHttpRequest, fetch(), and async/await.
fl9_sessions.zip Using Flask's built-in sessions to do proper logins.
fl10_flaskr.zip An actual model-based page.
fl11_minitwit.zip A more complex version of flaskr, with logins and stuff.