This lab is a little different. I am giving you a broken program, and you will fix it. We learned everything you need to know to fix all the bugs with this program.

Also, I will be giving a solution to this lab after it’s due, so you can see how well you did.

The starting point

Right click and download this file and rename it username_lab3.asm like the other labs.

Using an external editor

You have probably discovered by now that the MARS editor is kind of terrible. This is not a big problem, because it works well with external editors.

Find a MIPS syntax highlighting plugin for your editor of choice (I know they exist for sublime and atom). Then open the file in your editor and in MARS at the same time.

Now, when you save your file in your editor, you can switch to MARS to assemble and run.

You don’t need to close and reopen the file in MARS! Just keep it open. It will see the changes when you assemble.

What it does

Turn on Settings > Popup dialog for input syscalls.

When you first assemble and run, it will output something like this:

**** user input : 1
**** user input : 1

and then it will loop infinitely. This is bad.

Your task

There are 6 things to fix in this program. Read the comments in main to see what is wrong, and to see the pseudocode of what it should be doing.

The problems here mostly have to do with register usage and the calling convention. Some of them are very obvious, and some will require some investigation.

Some more info on the problems:

  1. A simple, but common mistake in register use.
    • The problem is in main.
  2. The right registers are being used, but the value isn’t making it through.
    • The problem is in main.
    • The problem is in read_int_plus_one.
  4. A violation of the saved/unsaved registers contract. (Thursday’s lecture.)
    • The problem is in main.
  5. Not actually a calling convention/register usage issue! See below.
  6. Another violation of the saved/unsaved registers contract.
    • The problem is in print_array.
    • You will have to change and add code to fix this correctly.

Debugging a crashed program

When you get to problem 5, the issue is that the program crashes. Debugging a program crash in assembly is very tricky, but there are things to make it easier.

Correct output

When all the bugs are fixed, the program will output the following:

**** user input : 1
**** user input : 1


Make sure your file is named username_lab3.asm, like jfb42_lab3.asm.

Submit here.

Drag your asm file into your browser to upload. If you can see your file, you uploaded it correctly!

You can also re-upload if you made a mistake and need to fix it.