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MIPS examples
arrays.asm How to make, access, and loop over 1-D arrays.
simple_funcs.asm Example showing how to use function arguments/return values, and how to save/restore ra.
print_str_macro.asm A small macro to print strings more easily.
lab3_solution.asm Solution to the debugging lab.
Logisim Basics
constant_gates.circ Constants going into gates are pointless! Simplify!
splitter_tricks.circ Using splitters more effectively.
splitter_bitfields.circ Using splitters to take apart/put together bitfields.
tunnel_tutorial.circ Why you should use tunnels. THEY'RE GOOD OKAY
Combinational Circuits
full_adder.circ A 1-bit full adder made of gates.
mult_fast_4x4.circ A fast (combinational) 4x4 multiplier.
Sequential Circuits
RS_latch.circ An RS latch made of NOR gates.
Circuit.js RS Latch Circuit.js can simulate it at a lower level, so you can see the current and voltages.
D_latch.circ A D latch made from an RS latch.
D_flipflop.circ A D flip-flop made from 2 D latches.
register_4bit.circ A 4-bit register made from D flip-flops.
simple_counter.circ A register paired with an adder can count up each clock tick.
fan_controller.circ A simple FSM for controlling a ceiling fan.
fan_controller_2.circ An even simpler version of the previous circuit.
reg_file.circ The (tiny) register file I made in class.